Video de resumen de ICADMac 2019:

iCADMac 2019 , lo nuevo, licencias de por vida DWG 2020 compatible

The main improvements on iCADMac 2019

  • 2020 DWG support
  • Support of MAC OS X from Sierra to Mojave
  • The user interface design has been optimized to make the software easier to use
  • Enhanced Menus to offer more efficient work, saving many mouse clicks through more complete and functional contextual menus
  • Perpetual License (No mandatory Annual fee)

New Commands
  • Helix creates 2D spirals and 3D helixes
  • Advanced Block commands contain more tools for Blocks and BlockAttributes
  • RedefineBasePoint sets new base points for Blocks
  • BlockAttributeManager controls properties and settings of BlockAttributes in Block definitions
  • MultiLeader commands allow the advanced leader creation and editing 
      MultiLeader creates MultiLeaders based on MultiLeaderStyles.
      EditMultiLeader adds and removes leader lines for MultiLeaders.
      MultiLeaderStyle creates and manages MultiLeaderStyles.
  • ExportTable exports tables in a comma separated format (CSV) to import them in spreadsheet or database software
  • CTB visualization on layout
  • New Line Types definitions (Slope and many more)
  • Realtime Hatch preview. Hovering the mouse over the area enables an instant preview
New Features
  • Moving entities incrementally. The Shift + Arrow keys move selected entities according to a specified increment
  • Copy entities to the active layer. The Copy command copies selected entities to the active layer instead of the source layer
  • Paste content from clipboard to the active layer. The Paste command copies content from the clipboard to the active layer instead of the source layer
  • Dynamic Custom Coordinate System temporarily aligns the XY plane of the Custom Coordinate System (CSS/UCS) with a face on a 3D solid object when you create 2D or 3D entities. You can switch the Dynamic CCS feature on and off by pressing F6
  • Extended 3D solid editing using EntityGrips and the Properties palette. More EntityGrips are provided to modify 3D solid objects. The Properties palette provides more parameters to manipulate 3D solid objects
New System Variables
  • CMLEADERSTYLE sets the current MultiLeaderStyle for new MultiLeader entities
  • MLEADERSCALE sets a general scale factor applied on MultiLeader entities
  • UCSDETECT controls whether the custom coordinate system aligns dynamically to 3D solid objects ;

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